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  • Black Mamba Fishing Systems Inc. - FishHoo! ID# 6480
    Learn how the AWESOME Black Mamba soft-plastic lures can help you catch up to 4 times more fish! Mind-blowing, topwater explosions for only around 10 cents each. Most lures have only one action. These have literally dozens of fish-triggering actions which make fish want to KILL them. These are professional quality, tournament tested, KILLER baits for ALL species of predatory fish, in salt or freshwater. The Black Mamba soft jerkbaits have it all. We tell you how, in detail!
    (Added: 26-Mar-2002)
    Rating Rate It! Rated 0 Votes 0 Hits 690
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  • Lone Star Custom Lures - FishHoo! ID# 23905
    I operate with one goal in mind, provide the angler with high quality hand-tied jigs for all your freshwater/saltwater fishing needs. I stand behind my jigs for they have been tested and refined and they will catch fish - you just have to get them into the boat or on the bank! Choose from my standard selection of jigs or contact me to design your very own! Either way you will be very pleased when you feel that thump and see that rod bending over!! Fish on!!
    (Added: 6-Aug-2009)
    Rating Rating: 7.21, 14 Votes Rated 7.21 Votes 14 Hits 91
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  • Pro Cut Baits, LLC - FishHoo! ID# 13115
    Pro Cut Baits, LLC and the Pro Cut Bait Company produce the Original Scented Squid Strip. The sole distibution center for the Company is located at the Forked River Freezer, Inc. and all wholesale/distributor sales are through the Freezer (
    (Added: 11-Nov-2005)
    Rating Rating: 7.23, 13 Votes Rated 7.23 Votes 13 Hits 166
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