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  • beko fishing - FishHoo! ID# 3173
    welcome to India's largest fishing tackle manufacturers and we are now one of the world's largest manufacturers of stainless steel fishing hooks and tackle. We are your one stop shop for your fishing requisites and our quality and competitive pricing are the key features of our products. Check our products out to believe it.
    (Added: 30-Oct-2005)
    Rating Rating: 4.64, 17 Votes Rated 4.64 Votes 17 Hits 648
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  • Lunker City Fishing Specialties - FishHoo! ID# 433
    Home of the original Slug-Go and Fin-S Fish lures, as well as other lures for freshwater and saltwater gamefish, including smallmouth, largemouth and striped bass, trout, walleye, musky, pike, crappie, panfish, striper, bluefish, weakfish, seatrout, fluke, flounder, tarpon, snook, bonefish and all other fish. Also makers of the LunkerGrip jig andjighead and the Texposer hook, plastic worms, grubs, pork frogs, tube baits etc. Site includes online catalog, fishing tips from pros, etc.
    (Added: 19-May-1999)
    Rating Rating: 4.50, 4 Votes Rated 4.50 Votes 4 Hits 1947
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  • Black Mamba Fishing Systems Inc. - FishHoo! ID# 6480
    Learn how the AWESOME Black Mamba soft-plastic lures can help you catch up to 4 times more fish! Mind-blowing, topwater explosions for only around 10 cents each. Most lures have only one action. These have literally dozens of fish-triggering actions which make fish want to KILL them. These are professional quality, tournament tested, KILLER baits for ALL species of predatory fish, in salt or freshwater. The Black Mamba soft jerkbaits have it all. We tell you how, in detail!
    (Added: 26-Mar-2002)
    Rating Rate It! Rated 0 Votes 0 Hits 693
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