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  • - Your #1 source of custom fishing tackle! - FishHoo! ID# 7536
    We specialize in custom fishing equipment while trying to insure the future of the great sport of fishing We at CATCHINGBIGFISH.NET truly believe that our children are the future of fishing. We strive to provide learning experiences, family fellowship and opportunities for young people interested in sport fishing. We as parents need to teach our Children not only to gain knowledge about fishing, but learn to respect wildlife and the outdoors.
    (Added: 30-Nov-2002)
    Rating Rating: 7.19, 56 Votes Rated 7.19 Votes 56 Hits 265
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  • Bum Baits - They Catch Fish - FishHoo! ID# 8582
    Bum Baits has been around for a short time, phisically, but has been an ongoing mental cascade throughout the past 10 years. Bum Baits has been hand pouring first rate saltwater baits and has the success stories to back the baits winning patterns. We are have been primarily a saltwater lure producer but have been braching out with new colors and patterns for the freshwater fishermen.
    (Added: 2-Jul-2003)
    Rating Rating: 6.78, 9 Votes Rated 6.78 Votes 9 Hits 422
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  • Auger Lure Spinnerbaits and Auger Lures - FishHoo! ID# 22422
    These Auger lures and Auger spinnerbaits are not “just another bait or just another spinnerbait”. I'm not saying traditional baits don't catch fish, I'm just saying these Augers catch fish better.You do not have to yank the lure to get it spinning as with the traditional type metal bladed spinnerbaits(very unnatural). These lures can be fished like any swimbait crankbait, spinnerbait, jig, or spinner in your tackle box.
    (Added: 31-Jan-2009)
    Rating Rating: 10.00, 1 Votes Rated 10.00 Votes 1 Hits 110
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  • Williams's fishing tackle lures - FishHoo! ID# 24269
    Brecks is among the best fishing tackle manufacturers in the industry. All of our lures are heavily copper plated initially as the first step in the plating process prior to being finished with genuine silver or 24k gold. The ridge proved so effective Williams was awarded one of the few North American patents ever issued for a spoon.
    (Added: 8-Oct-2009)
    Rating Rate It! Rated 0 Votes 0 Hits 70
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  • Lone Star Custom Lures - FishHoo! ID# 23905
    I operate with one goal in mind, provide the angler with high quality hand-tied jigs for all your freshwater/saltwater fishing needs. I stand behind my jigs for they have been tested and refined and they will catch fish - you just have to get them into the boat or on the bank! Choose from my standard selection of jigs or contact me to design your very own! Either way you will be very pleased when you feel that thump and see that rod bending over!! Fish on!!
    (Added: 6-Aug-2009)
    Rating Rating: 7.21, 14 Votes Rated 7.21 Votes 14 Hits 93
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  • Lithos Jigs - FishHoo! ID# 3843
    Fishing, Fishing Tackle, Jigs, Bucktail Jigs, Stripers, Dollflies, Rockfish, Wipers, Downrigger Weights. Lithos-Jigs specializes in making fishing lures for Stripers, White Bass, and their Hybrids (i.e., Wipers, Sunshine Bass, Cherokee Bass, etc.). We manufacture bucktail jigs (dollflies), vibrating lures, jigging spoons, egg sinkers, and downrigger weights.
    (Added: 1-Dec-2000)
    Rating Rating: 5.00, 4 Votes Rated 5.00 Votes 4 Hits 771
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  • ORKA soft lures - FishHoo! ID# 38130
    Company ORKA was founded in 1992. From the very beginning its founder Mr. Krstic, Jovica is at the head of the company and the team of diligent associates who are providing domestic and world market with our products based on a great experience and knowledge.Our assortment of models and variety of colors shows how much this company is determined in its intention to be present and accepted by a large number of fishermen all over the world.
    (Added: 11-Feb-2015)
    Rating Rating: 10.00, 1 Votes Rated 10.00 Votes 1 Hits 7
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