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  • - FishHoo! ID# 37134
    Our website is a platform for reviewing the fishing reels available in the market, giving their merits and demerits. It offers the users an extensive fishing reels buyer's guide and very useful comparison charts for different manufacturers like Shimano reels, Daiwa, Okuma ...There is a blog section as well where we post articles about fishing in general.We target the anglers community, people interested and passionate about fishing.
    (Added: 15-Feb-2014)
    Rating Rating: 8.00, 2 Votes Rated 8.00 Votes 2 Hits 18
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  • Field Tested Fishing Product Reviews - FishHoo! ID# 9232
    A site made for fisherman by fisherman. We don't just have some of the best fishing reviews, we also have a growing amount of fishing related content. This includes recipes, fishing tips and tricks, webrings, our own top ranked site list, links, and more. We already a bunch of products reviewed, and we're still getting more! Fishing Product Reviews does not accept bribes or money to give a better review. We tell the truth about our results.
    (Added: 30-Nov-2003)
    Rating Rating: 10.00, 1 Votes Rated 10.00 Votes 1 Hits 288
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  • Fishing Rod Finder - FishHoo! ID# 29528
    Our catalog contains detailed information about fishing rods from the best manufacturers in the world. We try to catalog saltwater fishing rods. You can use our web site to search and compare all kind of rods. Now you are able to search and find the rod that fits your needs!
    (Added: 26-Mar-2011)
    Rating Rating: 2.00, 1 Votes Rated 2.00 Votes 1 Hits 36
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  • Fishtek Lures and Lure Savers - FishHoo! ID# 6324
    Fishtek is a British company that applies innovation and technology to the design of fishing tackle. We have developed a unique range of lures including our advanced Jelltex softbaits, Mirror pirks and Mirror heads. We have created softbaits with Jelltex, a unique new material that produces a far more supple, flexible and tough than traditional softbait material. We ship world-wide.
    (Added: 4-Mar-2002)
    Rating Rate It! Rated 0 Votes 0 Hits 292
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  • The manufacturer for fishing tackle,hard and soft plactic lures - FishHoo! ID# 11981
    Our company is China Jiangsu Changzhou Xinhe fishing tackle CO., Ltd. the specialized company which manufactured fishing tackle, fishhooks, spinner bait, swim baits, crank bait, hard and soft plactic lures,jighead,jighook,fishing rod & reel and fish baits etc. Producing 3 million fishhooks, fish bait is 10 million per year, products are all sold to Japan, Europe.Our products are all making by hand,We can OEM & ODM for customer also. please log in to our Web site:
    (Added: 7-Apr-2005)
    Rating Rating: 7.50, 2 Votes Rated 7.50 Votes 2 Hits 250
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