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  • - FishHoo! ID# 15550 offers only selected products that have been proven the most effective by marine consumer publications or as rated by our team of researchers. Bottom Line: If you find it here... you know it works! All of our products allow you to spend less time worrying about boat maintenance and more time on the water!
    (Added: 26-Jan-2007)
    Rating Rating: 2.64, 11 Votes Rated 2.64 Votes 11 Hits 205
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  • sale of used marine spare parts - FishHoo! ID# 33066
    Since 1996 we are a team of marine engineers having vide experience in ships machinery & equipments repairing and supplying of Ships Machinery & Equipments with an objective to keep ships moving at the most Competitive Prices by providing New, Surplus, Overhauled & Used Ship Machineries, Equipments & Spares around the clock and globe dully approved by classification societies. All machinery, Equipments & spares are being kept at our warehouse ready for delivery round the clock.
    (Added: 20-Mar-2012)
    Rating Rate It! Rated 0 Votes 0 Hits 44
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  • Dry the - FishHoo! ID# 8178
    Non-Electric Air Dehumidifier will help remove moisture from the interior of your RV,Boat, or Closet during periods of storage and lay-up. Protects against damage caused by moisture. Easy to use. Odorless, non-flammable. Order Online securely & conveniently! The only sensible non-mechanical dehumidyfying device!
    (Added: 5-Apr-2003)
    Rating Rate It! Rated 0 Votes 0 Hits 275
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  • ! SALT-X Kills Salt & Salt Corrosion ! - FishHoo! ID# 379
    SALT-X is a concentrated rinsing/flushing agent designed exclusively to remove salt residue/crystals from any surface! SALT-X can be used for rinsing shipboard equipment, ALL tracked and wheeled vehicles and equipment, clothing, web gear, tents, scuba gear, boats, outboard/engines, buildings, air conditioners, etc. EXCELLENT for rinsing homes, buildings, shrubbery, etc., after hurricanes and coastal storms!! Anywhere salt is a problem, SALT-X can be used!
    (Added: 17-May-1999)
    Rating Rating: 6.83, 37 Votes Rated 6.83 Votes 37 Hits 594
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  • Propulsion Engineering Chicago - FishHoo! ID# 9269
    Propulsion Engineering in Chicago specialize in inboard boat propeller repair and modification using Prop Scan technology. We take pride in our work and like all of the Prop Scan Shop our level of accuracy is the highest in the business. We also sell a large range of new propellers and offer genuine advice to solve your propeller problems.
    (Added: 8-Dec-2003)
    Rating Rate It! Rated 0 Votes 0 Hits 251
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  • SALT-AWAY washes salt away! Official Site for SALT-AWAY PRODUCTS. - FishHoo! ID# 6428
    SALT-AWAY has been used by thousands of anglers for years to remove salt and protect their gear, boats, & trailers. SALT-AWAY is completely safe for all brands of reels, for monofilament line, spectra and is excellent to use on any tool used for boating & fishing. Use SALT-AWAY’S 4 oz spray on your rod & reel to prevent buildup while fishing. At the end of the day, flush your engine and hose off your boat and all gear with our Combo Kit. SALT-AWAY is non-toxic, biodegradable, & non hazardous.
    (Added: 20-Mar-2002)
    Rating Rating: 10.00, 2 Votes Rated 10.00 Votes 2 Hits 781
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  • Larsen Sales - FishHoo! ID# 20362
    We sell several boat cleaning products. Restore a wax/cleaner (best you will find!) - Wonderfoam- for hard water deposits, white spots, Mineral deposits - S-12 for spot cleaning carpets - MPC for grease, oil and general scum cleanup and black marks on campers - Biozyme for cleaning livewells -killing bacteria in livewells - No Streak for windows.
    (Added: 1-Mar-2008)
    Rating Rating: 7.68, 58 Votes Rated 7.68 Votes 58 Hits 129
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